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Safety Services

Reliable Holewatch/Fire Watch Services

Promark Piping Inc. is proud to offer some of the most reliable holewatch/fire watch services around. Because the safety of your crew is our first priority, you can rest easy entrusting the job to our expert team. All personnel meet OSHA 10 requirements and wear the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) while conducting their duties.

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Many contractors utilize one of their skilled workers to serve as a holewatch/fire watch person while on a construction site. But rather than using a capable member of your team, why not hire an outside person to fulfill holewatch/fire watching requirements? By keeping your skilled employees focused on the task at hand, you will increase productivity of your skilled craftsman. We can supply workers nationwide.

Industry Requirements

When you have safety personnel ensuring there are no hazards such as when a man or woman goes into the hole they watch to make sure they come out.  Or making sure cords or any equipment is out of the way so workers do not trip or fall.  Sparks from welders need to be watched for on the job safety. The industry requires a holewatch/firewatch service at each site. Employ site-safe tactics by having a dedicated person on each job. When you hire someone from us for holewatch/firewatch duties, you will fulfill all of the industry requirements. Call (850) 712-0611.

Our Training

Our team has been trained to perform fire watch services and satisfy industry standards. Our instructor has completed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30 training and taken all required classes.

We stand out from the competition because of our reliability, consistency, and the professionalism of our people.